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Tools for learning Chinese vocabulary on phone or tablet device. A proven method for memorization, with a 21st century edge. Select Chinese words form our dictionary or use our word-lists. Learn anywhere on your phone using the same Chinese flash cards.
 Dictionary and flash cards with audio and stroke animations.
 Learn anywhere using any of our free applications for iPhone, iPad, Android Phones or Desktop.
 From elementary to advanced or technical Chinese, our dictionary and flashcards have you covered.
 Use configurable spaced repetition to learn those words and phrases solidly.
 Each card has four personalities for learning reading, writing, speaking and listening.
 Flashcards feature standard Mandarin and unique stroke-by stroke writing animations.
 We provide vocabulary lists organized into HSK levels, situations, radicals and more.
 You also can create your own lists and share them with others.
 Select any vocabulary list and learn with them on your PC or any phone.
 On your phone: keep the flashcards updated by synchronizing them with trainchinese.
 From your iPhone or iPod Touch or iPad, java phone
 From your Android phone or Android tablet or any kind of Laptop/PC.
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Train Anywhere
Learn Chinese with animated characters and audio on the move. Wherever you are, whatever device you're using, online or offline!
Chinese textbooks
Includes word lists for lessons from most common Chinese textbooks.
Organized and Searchable
Words and phrases are sorted in many different vocabulary lists, such as by Chinese levels, according to typical situations and by areas of interest.

Intelligent Training
Flash cards can be learned in four different ways to master reading, writing, recognition of spoken Chinese and ability to translate into English.
Spaced repetition is used too: flashcards "sleep" when learned and wake up later to keep them in memory forever.

Huge Content Database
There are 98,000 Chinese words and phrases ready for training and reference as flashcards and in our dictionary.
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Android app: Very good
I do not usually review but this app is so good that I feel compelled to review. I would give 3 stars for their basic dictionary done well. 1 star for having good service by answering my questions and have a good flash card software. 1star for using the word in sentence.
华法 (Apr 29, 2013)