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Hi Klaus,

Wouldn't it be possible to have the postpone option in the mobile version of the web page.
Actually to postpone, I always have to access the non mobile version of the web page through:
Help->Scroll to bottom->Click link trainchinese->Scroll to bottom->Click invisible link->Login->Settings->Postpone
Quite fastidious ....

Another problem:
When I click the different options of the mobile application, there is NO REACTION, none of the 7 buttons works !!! Is it due to some system settings that has to be enabled?

Kind regards
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We are currently working an a complete redesign of the website - using Responsive Design (that is the website will be adapting automatically to the screen size). Of course this new design will include all functions available on the standard (non-mobile) website (including the postpone wake up..)

For the Buttons - I assume you are referring to the mobile website (after logging in)? It is strange non of them is working - I tried on mine and had no problems. In fact that SW was not changed for years....
Answered 94 months ago by klaus
ok, looking forward to enjoy the new design…

Yes, that problem with the button is strange, but does not disturb me much, as I use the app.
Answered 94 months ago by ribenguniang