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Asked 174 months ago by vene  valid Edit
During all my time in China I never used the (formal) nin, instead I always am using (ni). I am not sure if that is OK, or if Chinese people just accept that I am a foreigner and therefore do not object to me addressing them in the non-formal way?
Any suggestion? or rules?
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is the respectful form of 。You may be expected to use when you are addressing people listed below:
  • Old people or elders whether you are acquaint with or not. E.g. your father or an elder stranger whom you want ask the way in the street.
  • Teachers (if you are a student); High-ranking officers (if you are an employee).
  • Anyone you want to show your politeness especially in the first meeting.
P.S.It's quite common for people to use to show their politeness in northern China. On the contrary, people in the south of China prefer to use most of the time. Because the character , which develops from the north dialect, never exists in most of southern dialects in China.
Answered 174 months ago by flyingdsh valid Edit
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vene lautet:
Thank you - This means I will need to change my habit and start using nin - well at least as I am living in Beijing and  not in the south.