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Dear Klaus,

I've got a list of around 50 cards which won't update anymore. The update works just fine for all my other 38 lists, I don't really get why it doesn't work. I use the Android app, the windows programm and sometime the browser, I updated all of them several times. The cards won't fix. I'm really looking forward to a solution :).

See You :)
It looks as if there were cards of list L30 that were trained about 10 days ago (may be using the website?) and the cards on the device seems not to be synced as they would override the (higher) status of the card on the server.

We made a change on the server which should make sure the cards are updated even in such situation (using the data form the server as correct).
As we can not reproduce exactly the situation on the phone it would be nice if you could tell us if this change fixed the problem. (It may necessary to do 2 synchs in succession).
Answered 104 months ago by klaus