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Asked 102 months ago by mairyu  
Right now unlearning individual cards from a large list is very cumbersome in the (android) app, one has to do it one at a time (would be nice to have this as a check mark select -> unlearn way to do), but I thought I would just do that via web page.

I can see the list in spreadsheet format (would be nice to be able to adjust the column width, they easily wrap and it gets a bit messy) and I see the check marks, but I don't see any 'unlearn' button (I do see a delete button). It looks I can only unlearn once I click on a card, which brings be back to square one).

So am I missing to see a method where I can unlearn a larger set of cards from a list quick and easy ?
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The website includes the required feature:
Log into your account and select \"Content\" choose to see the card list/or the memorized cards and then select the cards that you want to unlearn.
On the website you also can select the \"Review\" cards, they will only show up to train once - if that training is OK they will again be \"memorized\" otherwise will be learned again.
Answered 101 months ago by klaus
wait, something is weird

I see the 'review one time' button, but when I want to whittle down the 2000 words to a single list via the 'change list to consider' (at the top), the button is gone !

So I can't review cards from a specific list ? 
Answered 101 months ago by mairyu