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Hi Klaus

I am in Beijing at school again, and I have a lot of new words I should learn.
But actually, I would not want to learn them now, or at least not to include them in the repeat process yet. I would like to simply create lists of words, and learn them later, little by little.
I don't want to see "250 words to repeat today" each time I open the app, it really stresses.

Is this possible at all?


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It is not possible to exclude word lists from the repetition statistics (will always coult all words that you should learn). But of course you can select which word lists you like to train and put the lists aside.
So if you added 250 to be learned at a later stage.

The only \"problem\" is that whenever you check how many to train the number needs to be reduced by the 250 you do not want to learn now ;)
Answered 112 months ago by klaus
Yes, this is the way I do it, I've created separate lists…
But each time I start the app, I see this frustarting number of words, it kills me!!

Thanks anyway!
Answered 112 months ago by ribenguniang