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I noticed that, in the "Intermediate frequency 01" flashcard list, in a number of cases, the example sentence has migrated to the front of the actual flashcard. The flashcard is then testing you on a whole sentence, rather than the vocab word to be learned.

For example, the card that's supposed to test <間接> tests you instead on this: <這條消息我是間接聽來的>. 

Is there any way I could fix this? 
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I think I've found the answer. Someone has posted several (redundant) flashcards using this word. One of them uses the word, but the other two use the sample sentences. This seems to be a mistake. I'll just delete the cards using the sample sentences. 
Answered 114 months ago by Morganic valid Edit
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Morganic lautet:
Oh, well. Good idea in principle, but it doesn't always work (because ...)

For example, for 建議, there is only the card with the sample sentence. There's no card testing 建議! 

How can I change the card in this kind of situation?