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Hi Klaus,
I find your new 'Discussion' feature interesting.
But I really would prefer not to have those discussions mixed up with the Q&A.

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Seems that we did provide a good addition by adding those word-specific discussions, but unfortunately they are somewhat hidden - as they typically they are only shown to users who happen to looks up that specific word.

So we decided to select valuable discussion contributions to be included in the Q&A. In fact the Q&A section also before that did cover questions regarding Chinese language, usage of specific words, etc.

As said in the Q&A only those contributions to the word Discussions we seem worthwhile for others to see are added. You can imagine that there are many more.

What specifically is the reason you do not like good word discussion contributions to be included in the Q&A? 
Answered 108 months ago by klaus valid Edit
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For me Q&A and Discussions are totally different things.
When I look in Q&A,I am basically looking for answers to problems related to you applications, or proposal for new features,tips and tricks, how to work efficiently with your application.
But not discussion about Chinese vocabulary…
Answered 108 months ago by ribenguniang valid Edit
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klaus lautet:
As you may have seen form the tags below the questions, you could (and others) can create questions related to basically anything related to the Chinese language  even related to other aspects of China... What happened is though that most questions were in fact related to the apps and related to features.

May be if you would be able to select questions by tag (or at least by area) then that would be sufficient?