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Asked 108 months ago by ribenguniang  valid Edit
Hi Klaus,

Since the new Androdi version I have a few problems:
1)  Help --> Bottom --> "To change advanced training settings ...." --> click
     The background of the page that is then appearing is so dark that I cannot read the text
     at the end of the page. Especially the link to open the web version is absolutely invisible.
     But fortunately , as an accustomed user, I know where to click

2)  When I open the web version, I enter my user name and password and press 'Sign in'
     .... and noting happens .... (both with and without 'remember me' set/not set.

     * Sign In, Download, Get Started, Any Question --> No reaction
     * More testimonials, Forgot password?  --> OK

     For the two options that work, you are forwarded to the correct page, BUT there is no way to
     COME BACK from there !

Those are a few points that I think could be enhanced as soon as possible.

Kind regards
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1) Background is dark with white text, but there should be orange/yellow background for some areas of that page. This is particularly the case for the last part where the button to trainchinese is included. Can you please email us a screenshot? Then we may find out what is happening.

2) Also strange that there are problems with logging in. BTW coming back on android should at least be possible by pressing the arrow back next to the home button of the device.

All the symptoms look as if the device youa re using is weird. Can you check how the memory situation is? and if there are any other apps/websites that have similar problems?
Answered 108 months ago by klaus valid Edit
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klaus lautet:
We did change the background-color of the website (just making sure it is white). Can you please check if that problem is resolved?