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Asked 75 months ago by Salamoza  
Dear Sir/ Madam
I have emailed you before regarding my issue of not being able to delete old folders I have created before. I need to start over fresh and I have many, many folders and sub-folders that I need to delete. Please either let me know how to delete the (folders) not the flashcards or, simply do it for me. You have my full authorization to do so.

Thanks a million
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Folders may contain either folders and/or lists. The lists contain the flashcards.

If you would delete all folders (for example on the Android of iOS device) then it will also delete all lists contained (and this include the cards!!!). So you would end up without cards.

What I would suggest is that you move the lists into a folder where they can stay, and delete all folders that then are empty.

To delete folder on iOS, just swipe along the folder name. On Android keep the finger pressed for about 3 seconds on the folder name.
Answered 75 months ago by klaus