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Asked 104 months ago by Ciaoty  
So, I didn't update any flashcards in about nine months (I know, it's not good, but I didn't have the time to study Chinese haha), and since I wan't to wake all my sleeping cards, now, I just pressed the button to wake them.
Everything is normal - it says "Connecting", then the circle diagram shows up and it says "too many cards, please update another 2 times." I updated and updated, but I'm still with 234 sleeping cards (same amount as in the beginning), even though I've been updating my cards for over 3h over and over again...
Should I just wait longer (maybe it will take a few more updates, since I didn't update since last year) or is there anything else, I could do?
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Regarding the "Update Cards", that will automatically repeat as many times as described and you just need to start it once. When it finishes it will show you a diagram with the status of your cards.

I checked your account and all cards should be waked up. Please let the "update cards" finish by itself. It should then have updated all cards (I believe that by interrupting it and starting it again it will always miss the last set of updates).

Please let us know if the problem persists!
Answered 104 months ago by klaus
Ciaoty says:
Hey Klaus,

I did update it, and I did not interrupt it - I've still got 302 cards sleeping -, but it will not finish updating... I left my phone in my room, just updating, for over 9h and it would still have the same 302 cards that needed to wake, saying "you've got too many cards - it takes 2 more times to update all of them"
klaus says:
Given that, then I would recommend to reset the data on the app, to do that:
- Go to settings on the app, and select "My account/ Upgrade"
- choose "Account details" and  change the user name by adding anyy character (as to make it invalid)
- submit. (This will delete all local data of the app)
- go back to the settings and remove teh added chatarcter so that the user-name becomes valid again and submit.

Now press the "update cards" button, it will load all cards in the same way as they are shown on the website.