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Asked 92 months ago by ShJB1  
Is it possible to keep my word lists, but to deactivate or suspend them, without deleting them? I have a few lists that I don't want to bother with for a while but don't want them to show as needing review. I don't want to delete them, as then I would have to manually re-enter (type in) all the words to each list again.
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The best solution would be:
- create a  new folder such as "To learn later" and then place lists that you do not want to learn there.
and another folder "Learn now" with all the other content.

Whenever you start to train just choose the folder "Learn now" and then will train all the containing lists.

The only disadvantage is that the badge showing how many cards are necessary to learn will count also those in the "To learn later" folder.

To create folder or lists and to move list swipe your finger on the name, on Android keep your finger pressed.
Answered 92 months ago by klaus