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this has been happening for many years, when I clear notes, they do disappear, but it seems if I *unlearn* the card, it comes back , very annoying.

Also, no update for this app in half a year or so ?
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Some time ago we did fix an issue with notes not clearing / updating after 'update cards' when working with several devices. After seeing your question we checked and found one remaining issue - in fact when clearing a not the change was not correctly handled. We could fix that without changes to the app. So if you delete the content of a note then it will be deleted also on our server (at the time the 'update cards' is done)
Regrading updates of the app: For Android a new version just is being rolled out which includes very useful OCR functions. The upgrade of the app is done not for all users at the same time, but you can force an upgrade by searching the app in the google play store from within you device. Otherwise an upgrade will be made available automatically within the next days.
Answered 79 months ago by klaus