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Dear Klaus

I made some changes in my personal details that is why the Apple ID automatically had  been changed as well.

The  previous I’d was : .And 2 years ago this email address was closed forever , so I put a new one and this was the reason of changing my AppleID.

Dear Klaus is it possible to make something in order to keep the ChineseChallenges on both iPads.As I have already mentioned to you in my previous messages this app can be fully opened on my iPad Pro, but on my iPad mini it asks me for the upgrade.

Thanks for your time reading my messages.

With kind regards


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The verification of payments is done by apple based on the apple ID (that identifies a user). They handle all the payment, identify the users and track the usage. We as developers do not get information about that only in aggregated numbers.
BUT - Our apps accept Family sharing - that is handled by apple and allows to use a purchase between several devices belonging to the same family.So if the two devices you are handling correspond to the same "family" then things should work well and you should be able to sue the app on both devices even if they have different Apple IDs.

To set up Family sharing you will need to follow the instructions given by apple (just check Online).
Answered 45 months ago by klaus