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Hi Guys

I recently bought a new phone and I want to continue playing Chinese Writer. On my old phone, which is Android, I had bought the right to practice all characters. Now, on the new phone, also Android, I can only play HSK1 ones. I don't want to pay again. What do I do?

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You do not need to pay again. 
Just open the Writer on your new phone, then select "Upgrade" and scroll down. At the end is a button to "Restore purchases"
(it requires that you are using the same google account as used with the original purchase)
Answered 18 months ago by klaus valid Edit
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I'm having the same problem. I purchased the full character set for my Android phone. I just got an iPad and signed in with the same account, but I don't have access to all of the characters. I've pressed "Restore purchases", but it doesn't give me the full character set. 

Is this an Android/iOS issue or is the purchase for only one device? 

Answered 18 months ago by mj2258a valid Edit
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klaus lautet:

There are different situations:

1) You purchased the app on the app store. In that case the app can be used on a new device of the same type. That is if you purchased on Apple you can use it on another apple device (but not on Android) and if purchased on Google then you can use it on another Android device but not on Apple. (Apple and Google are competitors and do not share purchases made on the respective platforms).

If you want to get the purchase made on the same type of device you need to open the (free) Writer app tap on "Upgrade", scroll down to "Restore previous purchase". This will work if you are using the same Google / Apple account that you used when making the purchase.

2) If you have a Trainchinese subscription, then the (full) usage of the Writer is included in any kind of device. You just need to include your trainchinese account data into the app. (BTW. also the full usage of the Audio Trainer, Pinyin Trainer, Challenges and Number Trainer is included in the subscription)