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Asked 147 months ago by craig  
What's the difference between 宁愿A,也要B and 宁愿A,也不B? Are A and B bad things in both cases?
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The difference between “宁愿A, 也不B” and “宁愿A, 也要B” is which result is the speaker’s choice.


  • 我宁愿不及格,也不考试作弊。
  • I would rather fail than cheat in the examination.
  • 他们宁愿去钓鱼,也不愿待在家里。
  • They would rather go fishing than stay at home.


In “宁愿A, 也不B”, A is the speaker’s final choice.


  • 他宁愿花1000块钱,也要买到女朋友最喜欢的礼物。
  • In order to buy girlfriend’s favourite present, he would like to spend 1000 yuan.
  • 她宁愿自己受伤,也要保护孩子。
  • In order to protect the baby, she cares nothing about herself.


In “宁愿A, 也要B”, B is the speaker’s final choice, but the speaker have to complete A to make B to come true.


According to the examples above, we learn that A and B are not all bad cases, which are based on the speaker’s views.

Answered 147 months ago by lirui