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Asked 162 months ago by vene  
Can someone let me know one song which is currently popular in China?
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The name of the song recommended is " the moon represents my heart " .

For female:     

For male:           

For male: 

It's a slow romantic song.  Maybe suitable for you.   Practise, then you'll be the best !    V

Answered 162 months ago by xtg486


Should it not be possible to click on the link,

then copy it into your browser's address bar to download them.   These two songs are heard usually at many places.

There are many other choices, but I do not what you want .   ^_^

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Answered 162 months ago by xtg486
vene says:
Thank you! Actually I just was considering to learn one song - so that I can use it in case I am going to some KTV! Which one would be most suitable?
super says:
For privacy reasons we have removed the email address, if you want to contact the user please request him as a contact on trainchinese.