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I thought whenever you hit 'update cards' on the Android app all sleeping and learnt cards are transferred to the server. However, since about 2 days ago they keep accumulating on my phone and won't go away (I think the statistics on the web page gets updated though so it knows about their new status)
Is this a problem with the Android version and we'll hope the next update fixes this or is this some intended functionality?
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In the meantime the updated beta version for handling word lists directly on the phone is available on our server.
You can get it by downloading it directly onto your phone at:  or at
Answered 142 months ago by klaus
The described functions are all intended.

With the current version of the Android applications for paying users the cards which sleep stay on the phone (but of course while sleeping will not be used for training). This also applies to cards finished learning.  We plan to extend this functionality to all users starting from the next upgrade for Android to all types of users. The current iPhone application already keeps all cards even for non-paying users.

As you noted, all the information about the status of that cards is shared with the server - that not only is reflected on the statistics, but also on the web page (after logging into  trainchinese with you account data).

As the waking up of cards is managed by the server it still important to keep "Updating Cards" often.
Answered 144 months ago by klaus