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Today I updated to the new Android app. I see, there is no longer the option of "make sure I have at least x amount of cards available for training", before I had this x to be set at 30. Now, when I do update, it revives sleeping cards, but when do cards from my bookmarked lists come to the app? Do I manually have to copy them into one of my lists/create a list and then say "learn from this list"? That would be extremely uncomfortable to use.

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Hi Heiko,
The function for bookmarking lists did make sense as long as the application was not able to handle lists. This has changed now as it made possible to add words to the phone without the need to go to the website every time to add words there.
With the new update of the application, the handling of all list elements is available on the phone, so instead of \"Bookmarking\" a list, you just can copy that list to your own lists (done with one command). And then you can decide how and when to learn it. So now you are in total control of what to add and of course also what to train at a given time.
By the way the phone now also features a new function called: Auto-Fill, which will propose words to be added to a given list (and here also gives the control of what to choose to the user), that function takes into account your Chinese level or the environment of the current list.
Answered 142 months ago by klaus
heiks says:
in my last answer the last sentence should say 'I had NO need for these so far'
hmm, I feel I really miss the old functionality. I really liked having a limited (in my case 30) number of cards in my training list, composed of revived cards and new cards from my bookmarked lists. Now, I have copied one bookmarked list into one my own lists, updated the Android app, clicked learn all and whopp!, now I have 60 cards to learn (out of which more than 30 are completely new). So the way to have my old style of learning back would be impossible (continually gradually have the application fill up my unlearned cards to a limited number), I don\'t want to manually select which new cards to include to learn. I loved that the app took the next unlearned cards from my bookmarks without my doing. The \'autofill\' function does not take bookmarks into account and also only fills one of my lists. I don\'t want to separately select one of my lists or the other unlearned cards to learn, I like having one \'stash\' of currently unlearned cards. I hope this does make sense.
I see you want to encourage your users more to use the (payable) \'own list\' feature to learn words. I had to need for these so far (and I am a paying customer)
Answered 142 months ago by heiks
We think we got your idea and are considering to add one (third) option on the auto fill, that will look into the bookmarked list to fill in cards (That option would only be available to users who have bookmarked lists):

As the auto fill option includes a selector on how many cards to add, it would actually be very similar to the original function.

The differences are :
- that in the previous solution the filling up would occur during a synchronization ("Update Cards") while in the (future) new variant the addition of new cards would be at any time and done directly on the phone.
- in the (future) new version the decision on how many new cards to add is independent on how many cards are there already, while on the previous version the cards would only have been added if there were less than 20 cards to be trained with.

The way to use would be, that if you are training and find that you would like to train with more cards, then you could use the Auto Fill function no add cards and continue learning.
Answered 142 months ago by klaus