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Hi, I noticed the following with the new android app:
1. where are the examples for the words gone? (the sample sentences you see when clicking on a word) I can't see any on my device any more.

2. why does it when starting the training (clicking 'train all' or 'train some' button) always ask for my preference regarding the type of 'reading: honesty or multiple choice'? Can't I save this preference so that it stays the same until I change it again in the settings?

3. can I tell the device when in the recognition mode for a word to not show me the pinyin of the word but only play the sound? In the old version the screen was empty and you really had to listen (but could also click some icon if you weren't sure to show you the pinyin only). I feel it makes it too easy showing me the pinyin, I want to rely on my ears in this mode only.

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Thank you for bringing up issues/suggestions you have:

1. The missing examples will be fixed together with other small corrections on an Update within a few days.

2. With this Update we started to provide additional training methods (in future they even may be more), to address your need one possible solution could be to allow a longer pressing on the train button, to train in the last selected mode - do you think that is OK?

3. Typically when in recognition mode, you should only hear the audio - there is no change to previous versions. The pinyin will only be written in recognition mode if the corresponding audio is not available. Could it be that for that word the audio was not - yet -  loaded? If you have many cards, you may need to \"Update Cards\" several times until all of the audio are available on the device.
Answered 142 months ago by klaus
1. alright, I am anxious to have them back because they\'re quite essential in my learning process.

2. why not put these different training methods to choose in the settings screen? do you think your users will want to change the method every time they start your programme?

3. I can confirm: in recognition mode I only see the pinyin, no audio is played, the audio file is available though because when I press the loudspeaker button it is played immediately (no downloading happening). This happens with all my cards.
Answered 142 months ago by heiks
heiks says:
note: forget 3rd point: I overlooked that you are shown a selectbox with "silent, show pinyin...' when starting the training (on the screen discussed in point 2)
We have provided an update that you could use (it is not yet released on the Android market,  but is very stable).

You can download it directly from our website, by typing: into the browser of the phone.

That update will include both, the correction to the examples and the possibility to directly go to the last training type by pressing longer on the button.
Actually we are developing additional training possibilities of lists which will be available from that same location (such as to train specifically the writing of the characters used in the lits, etc.).
Answered 142 months ago by klaus