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hello, i put nearly a 100 words into lists and now it seems i have to learn them all at a time. is there any way to learn fewer words in a list at a time
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there is no direct way to learn less than one list. If your subscription allows and you still have a list available to use, then I would recommend to use it as a \"Working list\", where you can copy a group of words (and still keep them in the original list), then you learn them there and delete them form the \"Working list\" and continue the same way with other words.
After one or two round of learning of all of the words in smaller groups you  may switch back to the large list, as the cards will not be waking up at the same time the total number of cards to be learned at once is limited.
Answered 132 months ago by klaus
Thanks very much, that's a great help. how do I delete things from the working list, then?
Answered 132 months ago by hotzie
klaus says:
To delete individual words form a lst on your phone just trace with your finger on a word and you will see the button for delete,
To delete many words froma list you also can use the website (and use the corresponding checkboxes) .
Finally if you want to delete a list completely, you can delete the whole list (and start another).