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My study book and shows the symbol for "fa(1)" as the same as the first part of "fayin" (to pronounce). However, when I try to add the word "fa" alone, it changes the traditional symbol to something else, even though the traditional symbol stays the same. Why is that and how can I get the correct symbol into my list?

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You are right:
There are two traditional characters who are using the same simplified character 发:
with the meaning of hair
- with the meaning of emit, shoot, send ...

After checking our dictionary I just found that the traditional character associated with the simplified 发 in some cases is wrong. We have now corrected that  in the on-line version of the dictionary.
This correction will be automatically included into corrections of the dictionaries of the iPhone/iPad and Android with the next update.

If you are using the word in one of your flashcards, then the change will be included into the card data as soon as that card is loaded anew on a device (or if you happen to change a parameter to that card). That means in the card view it will then show the correct word.
Unfortunately the wrong character will still be appearing in the word-lists as long as we did not update the application.
We are sorry for this - thank you again to bring it up!
Answered 148 months ago by klaus valid Edit
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