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I'm learning Chinese through a wonderful program called eChinese learning -- one on one training with teachers from China via Skype.  Our textbook is "Contemporary Chinese".  I don't mind adding the word lists from this textbook ...  but I'd also like to make them public so others could use them.  Is there a way to add these lists to the textbook section on the TrainChinese site? 

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Thank you for considering to share your lists:

Please go to Contents, then open your lists, next to each list you will see a graphic looking like: Share this list of words with other users Press on it and you will be able to publish (to all users) or share the list (with specific users).

Be aware that after publishing a list it will not be possible to edit that list.
Answered 130 months ago by klaus
MoNing says:
Klaus -- you're a rock star!  Look for my lists to appear in textbooks area!  Thanks... Mo Ning