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Asked 144 months ago by stevenmao  valid Edit
Good morning

in your training list you have HKS A,B,C,D

now it is from 1 to 8

what is level 6 ?

I get the full list may I send to you to imput it ?

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About 2 years ago the HSK test has changed considerably (and there were and still are quite some divergent options about that - you may have a search on the Internet).

The old HSK test considered 4 knowledge levels (Basic,Elementary,Intermediate,Advanced). The exam required to decide between testing Basic, testing Elementary-Intermediate (one exam for both levels) or Advanced) and the result was given by levels 1-8.
In our word lists the corresponding vocabulary for the old HSK tests are divided into 4 folders A for Basic, B for Elementary, C for Intermediate and D for Advanced)

The new HSK test considers 6 levels (1 to 6) the levels are based on the amount of vocabulary included:
Level 1: 150 words
Level 2: 300 words
Level 3: 600 words
Level 4: 1200 words
Level 5: 2500 words
Level 6: over 5000 words

In Trainchinese we have included the vocabulary corresponding levels into our lists using that numbers

What does it mean to you?
If you are preparing for an HSK exam today, then you will be tested based on the new HSK levels. If you think the separation based on the Chinese levels of the old HSK are more suitable to learn (not particularely for an HSK exam) then you may use the old HSK vocabulary lsist to learn.

To learn from our lists, you need to copy that list or words form them to one of your own word lists - and then you can start learning immediately.  I would recommend you select a few words (may be 20 words) each day that you add to your vocabulary. If you are using a textbook, better use the vocabulary corresponding to each chapter of that textbook and later you can then still check the HSK lists to see if there are particular words that were missing.
Answered 144 months ago by klaus valid Edit
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