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Asked 142 months ago by steerpike  valid Edit
One of the  things I have struggled with is how many words to add to a list. Sometimes I have added  up to 70 words and since I train with all four modes, having them all wake up at once  is a struggle over several  days to put them back to sleep. Taking  a break to do a night time Chinese class resulted in many more words I wanted to learn plus a backlog which hit over 300 words. Even after many months here it is still not clear how to organise words into list and folders.

One solution I have tried is smaller lists because I find it satisfying to train a full list and make every card sleep as it is a natural end point to my study.  I have tried filters but they do not seem to help me - I am quite happy to ignore my unlearned count, and work away at one small list every night.

The problem with small lists is the sheer number of them as you are always trying to remember which fragmented list you want to train next. The book I use has 70 words per page which gives a manageable number of lists but far too many words to train in one night.

What I am trying now is to leave my cards in 70 word lists and copy 15 into a temporary list which becomes my learning area. I train here and when all cards go to sleep, I remove them and replace them with 15 more, but this requires a fair bit of list juggling.  It occurs to me this could be a feature improvement.

Each person gets a 'learning space' which can contain between 5 and 100 words - 15 suits me. A card update automatically fills up this learning space up to the limit with unlearned words.  Selection of words is alphabetically by list so woken cards from early lists populate before unlearned cards. Each session you work on clearing your learning space and you never have to learn from a list and can leave them to be organised by the set out of your book. Excluding a list from selection into the space is controlled by filter or just by renaming the list from A MyList to  Z MyList to move it down the selection criteria. The app always opens at your learning space and you have a set number of words to learn every day, with the satisfaction of successfully completing a task.

I think that would be the best way for me to organise and learn.
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Think we will nee to digest the idea.
The biggest problem is how to decide on which cards would be in the selection. Users will probably have many ideas about it ! Just some possibilities: with priority by lists - as you suggest, with priority by time a card was added, starting with oldest, staring with newest, waked up cards,  cards which waked up most times, cards which woke up longest time ago, cards that woke up most recently ...
Answered 142 months ago by klaus valid Edit
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I can see how complicated it could get and how people work in different ways. I try to create a list of manageable size for a single evening, train until all cards sleep, then add more cards  the next day and repeat. As the words reappear, I train woken cards first, using all four methods and strict criteria, At least that is the theory.

The different possibilities - time a card is added, waked up most times and so on - for me are characteristics of the list. Older lists are created earlier, and if I can enter and train a list in a week, will wake up over a week several times later in the year, each card a step closer to learned. Ranking each list and setting a list to 'learn later' would be sufficient.

As it stands as each list awakes, I have to search for the list as I know the numbers of unlearned cards but not the location. If I slack off, my full list awakes over a week and I need to deal with a single list which takes me a week to train.

I think the way I work now suits me  and now seems completely obvious. It wasn't so clear though when I first started and I have had to literally start all over again a couple of times.

This is no way detracts from my appreciation of the site - I think it is one of the best learning  resources on the web  and I have recently recommended it to the members of my class.
Answered 142 months ago by steerpike valid Edit
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klaus lautet:
Thank you,

Still we (at least myself) are still searching for a better "Play and go" solution, the problem as you correctly state is that there are many possible settings.
In any case think we will take some thought about this - and as soon as we have time we will see if there is anything we can do based on your initial idea. As we have still quite a long list of things to be done it may take quite a while - so I am happy to hear that you can continue working using our system as it is!