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Asked 122 months ago by Chinabiker  

After conduction 2.7 update my app does not work anymore. I sended 3 reports. Then deinstalled and installed again. But it still does not work. When I want to open it I get the immediate feedback that trainchinese has stopped.

Is there a chance to download the preversion which worked fine ?


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The most probable reason is that after the update the data of your cards could have been corrupted. To solve this it is necessary to clear the data on you android phone. To do that:
- Please go to Settings, and select My account data, there please change your user name (for example adding one letter) and then save it.  There will be a warning message indicating thta this will clean up the memory. That is OK.
- Go back to the settings page agin, and introduce your correct user name again (or remove the additional letter). Then go back and press on the Update Cards button ant the top right.

Please let us know if this does not solve the issue with the crash.
Answered 122 months ago by klaus

Which \"Settings\". The \"Settings\" of my android phone don\'t have a item \"My account data\". There is a item \"Accounts & sync\" but inside is no trainchinese account.

The trainchinese app may have such an item in the settings, but I can\'t open it.

Or did I misunderstand something ?

Answered 122 months ago by Chinabiker
klaus says:
Seems I missed to inform you - on Friday we noticed that the newest update of our app (that was 3.1 at that time) was corrupted on Google play and would not run, so we re-posted the same update which now has the version number 3.2 and is working fine.

With the corrupted version, the app would not open. So please cna you install the newest verison 3.2 (form Google play, or alternatively from our server at ) that will solve any issues.

Sorry for this!

Most important - the problem is solved now - Failures can happen - Important is how we deal with it...

... so really thanks for solving this issue and be sure I'm still satisfied with the app and the related service. I recomend this app to everyone I know and who wants to learn chinese !

Answered 121 months ago by Chinabiker
klaus says:
Thank you very much for your support!!