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Asked 141 months ago by Flashcard  
Hi my name is Oshaine Odaine Bailey...can this be translated to chinese?...What would it be?
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From what I understand, you can translate a western name either by meaning or phonetically.

For example, my first name, Crystal, could be translated by meaning into the fairly common Chinese name  (jīng) or 水晶 (shuǐ jīng) which literally means "quartz or rock crystal."  This is the one I prefer, because it is easy to write and say, retains the meaning of my name, and is quickly recognizeable as a name to most people.

Of course, most people's names do not have such literal meanings in English, so retaining the sounds of your name might make more sense to you.  My name could be translated phonetically (trying to keep the same sounds), typically this way: (kè lǐ sī tuō), literally meaning the gibberish: gram gift this support. 

Of course, I used a typical "get your name on a thing in Chinese!" translation.  Because Mandarin has so many homophones (words that sound exactly alike), you can make up your own phonetic name with a better meaning for you, possibly even one close to the meaning of your English name.

Oshaine might be: (o xiāo ēn) phonetically (literally meaning, "Oh! night favor").

Or, Oshaine might be:    (shén yòu), meaning "god forgives," close to the meaning of Oshaine.

Basically, there is no one magic translation of your name, you have some choice.  There are words that are used for names and ones that aren't.  For example, my stepmother's Chinese name would literally translate to beautiful girl, but her English name is not Beautiful Girl (that would be quite unusual and silly to go around life with!).  So, if you were looking to be safest, find a listing of Chinese names and choose one you like based on your own criteria.

Answered 137 months ago by cshipl2
nihao wo shi Oshaine Odaine Bailey
Answered 141 months ago by chibi
Flashcard says:
i mean I was wondering if my name could be translated to a chinese name....can it?