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Asked 134 months ago by Joppeke  valid Edit
I would like to view fash cards offline on my Windows 8 phone (Nokia Lumia 920) or on my Kindle.
Is this possible?


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We currently have no app for Windows 8, but there is an App for Kindle that includes the full set of features (Dictionary and Flashcards)!

To get the app for Kindle Fire, search for trainchinese (or for our company name MOLATRA ) on the Amazon app store.
Once installed, make sure you include the user account data into the settings of the app, and then press on "Update Cards" and all of your cards will be loaded onto the Kindle (including the audio). If you have more than 400 cards you may need to repeat the "Update Cards" several times as each time it will include the full data set for approximately 400 cards.
Once all cards are loaded remember to "update Cards" regularly, as that will make sure your data on the Kindle Fire and on the Website are synchronized.

Should you own an iPhone/iPad or an Android phone then please also check out or apps on the Google play and App Store!
Answered 134 months ago by klaus valid Edit
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