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Asked 117 months ago by maymetta  
Is there anyway to increase the sleep time for flashcards?
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The sleep time as well as the number of times a card would sleep until it is considered memorized can individually be fixed. To change it, log into your account at trainchinese and select the \"Settings\", at the end of the page are are the relevant settings.

For the case where you were not able to continue studying for some time, and too many cards woke up, you can postpone all the wake up dates for all of your cards. This is useful if for example you were on vacations and just returned, etc.
To delay the waking up of all cards, log into the website with your user account, then select settings and in the same are where you define the general sleeping time, click on the button to postpone wkaing up of cards.
Answered 117 months ago by klaus
Thank you, it appears that this will work the way I need it to. Sometimes I have to take a break of a week and I wanted more control of the sleep times. Since these settings were not available on the Android device I use for training, I did not know it would be on the website.
Answered 117 months ago by maymetta
klaus says:
We try to include all of the important options with the apps  (Android, iOS) but please understand that there are so many, that some of the settings/changes need to be made using the website.