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It seems the writer app does not correctly import the words from the flash card lists I import through the trainchinese account. Always other characters get played/shown as well, maybe from the HSK pack?

I would like to ONLY work on the characters that are in my list, how is that possible?

Do I need the full Writer App for this?

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Yes, we noticed problems when using  mixtures of simplified and traditional characters to be used in cwpacks the iOS Writer, and we prepared an update with corrections which we will submit for approval to apple very soon.
This problem occurs in some cases in both the free and in the paid version of the app.
Answered 123 months ago by klaus
So purchasing the writer app would not solve this problem?

I am trying to learn chinese and starting with traditional only...

I noticed that when creating your own custom pack, it really follows those characters strictly.

Really you have amazing apps here, would love to share more feedback and help you develop these further!
Answered 123 months ago by phizikl
klaus says:
The only (known) issue of both the free and full writer is related to the importing of character packs received by email. Otherwise both are fine.

Please let us know what you think could be done more or better - we try to listen to all of our users, just contact us at! 

Well these packs are not sent by email but dirextly through chinese trainer..
The flash cards I have with very specific words are neither displayed in the right order bit also mixed with other words :/
Answered 122 months ago by phizikl
klaus says:
Seems there are 2 issues:

1) Missing words/ order issue:
There may be a misunderstanding, the Writer is designed to help learning to write individual characters (not words).  For learning the words the best choice is to use the flashcards (where a specific "dictation" mode will also require passing a writing test).

The writer will pick all the characters form the trainchinese list(s), and it will shuffle them - so the order of the characters will be different each time you play. Also any words with more than 1 charater will be split up into the corresponding characters!

2) Transfer of data from trainchinese to Writer:
You mention strange (additional) characters. In case this characters are not part of any of the words form your list then we would be glad to check that behaviour! Please let us know which of your lists you are using and which additional character you are seeing!
The new app update for the Writer is now available on iTunes. The corresponding Education version was submitted for testing at the same time and should be available very soon.
What is new:
- Easier handling of packs
- new Settings function
- Support of Zhuyin - Bopomofo (in addition of Pinyin)
- Correction of bugs relaeetd to the usage of packs handling of traditional / simplified characters
Answered 122 months ago by klaus