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Asked 106 months ago by Be8272465  
I have purchased the lifetime offer and like most I want it for use on tablet form, namely my Ipad mini.  Just after it was all confirmed, I was able to download the entire package onto the ipad and all was well.  Then while going through the flash card Audio Trainer, it just requests I purchase the extra packs to continue.  well something like that as it was a day  ago now. It also gave me the opportunity to restore purchases, but when I choose this it just locks the pad up and sits there with the timer spinning. I left it for the entire night and still no luck. I have removed the app, re synced the app and any other Apple trick I can think of, but it will not return to me all my purchases.I am stuck with just the free stuff again.

What can I do to fix this as I am finding this very useful, but not as it is right now.

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I checked and you correctly have a lifetime subscription. That means that you do not need to purchase any additional packages neither on Writer nor on the Audio trainer - BUT you need to include your trainchinese user name and password into those apps (so that they know who \"you\" are)

For the Writer: Select \"Get more characters\" then tap on the \"Characters from trainchinese account\" and a pop-up will appear - fill it out with your user name and password.

For the Audio Trainer: Tap on the + sign at the top right, then on \"my account lists\" and again enter your account details there.

In case you did not enter any settings into the Writer or Audio Trainer, then you can get them there by using the trainchinese app and selecting to train with the Writer and again with the Audio trainer - that will transfer your account details to those apps.
Answered 106 months ago by klaus
thank you,  I had not set the passwords before, so that was new. The thing I find difficult to understand is that in Audio trainer the list down the side was really long and I could select from any of them to use the flash cards. Even with your help, this does not return that long list to me. I just wish I could get that back. It was as if all the train chinese information was sent to the flash cards and i could access it from there.

Sorry if I am confusing this, but that was how it did run the first time it installed on the iPad. Now it just frustrates me and I want to get back to learning.  I am very happy with the overall package, so much and a good way for me to remember.  even the writing is so much fun.

I do not understand how to make the information come from the dictionary to the flashcards however..!
Answered 106 months ago by Be8272465
On the audio trainer after selecting the + of the fop right you will see the lists and folders either of your trainchinese account or the already prepared lists.
To switch between them please use the buttons at the end of the page. In each case you can browse trough the folders until you reach the lists with words (or phrases).

There are two ways to get your own vocabulary lists to the audio trainer:
1) open the trainchinese app, select "training" and then the list(s) you like to train. Choose "train some" or "train all" and then a list of options  will appear. Just select to train with the Audio trainer.

2) Open the audio trainer select +, then the bottom right button "My trainchinese lists" and all of your vocabulary lists stored on our sever are now available for selection.

Second issue you mention:
After searching in the dictionary, tap on one of the results and the details view of that word will be shown. That includes a button called "Add to cards" or "Add to Flashcards". After pressing that please choose where the word should be added by ticking on the list name and then at the top right for done the card will be added.
Answered 106 months ago by klaus