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On my computer I can work with 20 hanzi only while I got more fast 1000  in pratice upon the trainchinese gate. I often use your dictionnary for translations. There is no place to put the chinese word in a box to find it a 2nd time.
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As far as I can understand there are 2 questions:
1) Use of the desktop application (without paying for a subscription)
The desktop application limits the number of cards that can be used by suers who are not paying for the subscription. This app also has other limitations (for example it is not prepared to handle Word lists).
That is the reason that we are now working on a complete new app which will increase the functionality of the desktop app to the same level as the iOS or Android Dictionary and flashcards  apps already available. The new app will (hopefully) eb available quite soon.

2) Search box to "remember" previous searches:
On the new desktop app previous searches made will be kept in form of a history list, in the same way as the current iOS and Android apps are doing. That list will include any type of previous searches (Chinese, Pinyin or English)
Answered 131 months ago by klaus valid Edit
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