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Hi all. The Chinese Writer on my Android is a great program, I use it in browse mode -- not as a game, but just to trace the characters. The fact that I can toggle back and forth for the hint arrow is great too. My lists have loaded from Train Chinese with no problem --  all good, except for one thing. The English definition of the Chinese character appears in the form of a single line scrolling at the bottom -- this is extremely inefficient. If you want to check the definition you have to wait for it to slowly scroll by.  My eyes are  focused on the character when I'm writing it, it would be wonderful to be able to glance at the definition to confirm the meaning, rather than having to wait while the single line scrolls onto the screen. Some of the definitions are quite long. A tedious and annoying feature of a wonderful program. Could that be changed to just a simple text field? Thanks!

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The reason that it is a scrolling text is to leave as much space as possible for the characters. Particularly on Android the problem is that there are many different screen sizes and the solution needs to fit as many as possible.
What could be done quite easily is that the scrolling text would (re-) start scrolling if it is typed on, so that you would not need to wait until it starts again. What do yo think?
Answered 119 months ago by klaus
ignatz says:
Yes, that would be great!
klaus says:
Ok will make that change with a next update (not yet scheduled)