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Asked 121 months ago by grueneratte  
Hi! I'm using the android app most of the time. I really love the app and the service (just bought a lifetime subscription). But there still seem to be some bugs, especially in the statistics. On the android phone, when scrolling the "days-weeks-months" left and right, sometimes the picture becomes wrong (colors change). And on the web-page the statistics (time spent) does not reflect my training at all. I am training every day, and on the web page there is only one entry every 5 or 10 days saying I did train a few seconds.
Thanks for fixing that!
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We just forwarded an update of the Android trainchinese app, this update includes several improvements and also has the enwest dictionary (now with more than 85,000 Chinese entries). Think the app will be available on Google Play during the day, as well as on Amazon. Please have a look and let us know if the display of teh statistics still creates an problem. In case it still is, it would be great if you could send us a screen-shot of the display when it is wrong.

As for the time spent training. The time only should reflect the actual time when training flash-cards (not on other activities with the app - such as searching teh dictionary or browsing words, etc.). To calculate the time it cuts of excessive time spend on one card (as it can happen that the user interrupts the training), so it is actually the real - net - time spent on the flashcards only! In any case we will have a look at the statistics with the new updated app and check if the time accurals are OK.
Answered 121 months ago by klaus