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Is it possible for me to create my own flashcards (using my own Pinyin, Chinese character, translation)? Also I can't manually change the order of the flashcards in the lists I created. Is this possible?
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Flashcards are all created using the trainchinese database which is filled by chinese teachers which check each entry.
If you need to use Chinese words or short phrases that are not yet in our database, you can let us know and if you use the "Import Words" button of the Content section of our website then the words will be added and checked typically within one working day. The corresponding audio will be recorded by a native speaker (using standard Putonghua - that is without any accent) once the word is in our database.

You can use your own translations (instead of the provided one) for any word or phrase, just include your translation into the "Note" of a word - and select to train with those "notes". Notes are synchronized between devices.

The basic order of the flashcards is according to the sequence used to add them to one of your vocabulary lists.
So in case you want to change the order of a list you can creaet a new list, and copy (or move) the cards into that list in the desired sequence.

Answered 95 months ago by klaus
internfury says:
Klaus thanks for the quick response. 
I think using "notes" section instead of creating my own cards is sufficient. However, creating a whole new list and moving all the cards from old list to the new list in the desired order is a lot of work. Are there any plans to add a feature where users can reorder the cards within the same list by just moving them up and down?  
klaus says:
The order of the cards is fixed by the way it is created, Currently we do not plan to add the possibility to order the cards.

You may have seen that the cards will anyhow be shown in random order for testing as we humans otherwise are using the order for memorizing which will not be very usefull in real life wehere we need to recall words without the "list" context. That is the main reason we did not pay too much attention to the order of the cards in one list. But obviously this still is an issue that at some moment in the future still can be included (but there is no plan yet).