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After updating to the latest version, I suddenly have solid filled rectangles instead of characters or letters in some of the cards. It seems to be random (which character 'flips') and seems to get worse the longer the app is opened. When I close and reopen it's okay.

This makes it almost unusable, I can send you screenshot that will make it much easier to show, please fix this asap (can I revert to a previous version ?)
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This problem seems not related to the app version, but may be related to the device memory.

Could you please check on the memory usage of the device (Android) using the settings app of the phone/tablet.
Could it be that the device is running out of memory?

Alternatively can you check how many apps are running in parallel (tap on the left bottom button of the device) and close apps that you are not using.
Answered 105 months ago by klaus