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Asked 140 months ago by steerpike  valid Edit
In general, I train strictly with all modes including characters. At times, I want to learn only the pinyin and meaning for new words from a lesson. I know I can change the mode of training but that affects all words and I still want to read and write hanzi on the old words. I am a little cautious about making this setting change. Does this mean even if a word is learned in two modes, setting the characters on will result in previously learned words now asking you to write hanzi? This is how I want to learn.

Also  - what does the "Starting mode' for new words do?
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Changing the training modes for individual words is easy and will not affect other words at all.

To change the training mode of one word, go to the details screen for that word, then select "Modes" and you will see the list of available modes. Now you can add/remove modes. This changes will only affect the current card and the change for that card will also be synchronized with our server.

If you change the modes on the Settings, then the change can be selected to affect all existing cards, or only be applied for new cards to be created in the future. You are right to be careful with changes on the training mode in the settings as this can affect all cards.

For the Initial training mode, this will be the mode used for training the cards the first time they appear - so you can start by Reading, or Translation instead of writing (or other way round).
Answered 140 months ago by klaus valid Edit
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steerpike lautet:
Thank you. I had already changed the mode to a lower level but I will do it at word level.