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Asked 133 months ago by stevenmao  
good morning

i am a subscription until 25th of april i used 81 list of 100

i want to renew it

do i have to renew for 100 list or unlimited list

or my list is for lifetime

how much i must pay 1 year

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The lists you already purchased are yours so you do not need to buy more unless you need them.

In case you do not need any more lists than you have you therefore can just buy subscription time and no additional lists.
Answered 133 months ago by klaus
good morning ,

if i understand to do it i will have just to put pay 79.99 for lifetime subscription

Answered 133 months ago by stevenmao
klaus says:
Thank you!

I also don't understand your subscription prices.
these are your price combinations:

Subscription time purchased
in US $3 Months6 Months12 Monthslifetime
10 Lists$15.99 $23.99 $37.99 $54.99
30 Lists$25.99 $34.99 $45.99 $64.99
60 Lists$41.99 $47.99 $54.99 $69.99
unlimited number of lists$59.99 $64.99 $69.99 $79.99
For example if I buy 30 lists for 3 months I pay 25.99$. You say that after three months I can keep these lists but I need to buy subscription time only. I searched your Q&A database and on similar question  also by stevenmao you write that we do not need to buy additional subscription time if the user doesn't need more lists because lists are for forever. Is that true? If we need to buy subscription time only as you write in this post where is that option in your price list?

btw. You have great product. I plan to upgrade my account. That's why ask these questions:)

Answered 132 months ago by kolecinez
The vocabulary lists are available to be used at any time - also after the end of the subscription time.
During the subscription time, the user can add unlimited number of words to the lists (only limited by the number of lists purchased). Additionally paying users have access to the Pinyin Trainer, Number Trainer, Audio Trainer and the Writer without restrictions.

There may be different situations depending on your intentions:

1) User who only want to use the flashcard application with a defined number of words to learn with no intention to add more words in the future:
They can select a relatively short subscription time with sufficient number of lists and fill them up with the needed words. This lists are then available to learn at any time - even after the subscription ends.

2) Users who like to continue adding words to their lists, or who want to make use of the extended features of our other apps (Writer, Audio Trainer, Pinyin Trainer, Number Trainer) better consider longer subscription times (in line for example with the duration of their Chinese courses).

As for the Prices, please consider that the options given depend on the situation of the user.

For purchasing subscription time only:
3 Months subscription w/o lists: USD 11.99
6 Months subscription w/o lists: USD 19.99
12 Months subscription w/o lists: USD 34.99
Lifetime w/o lists: USD 49.99

Additionally users could buy lists without subscriptions (this only would make sense if the current subscription did not end):
10 Lists: USD 8.99
30 Lists: USD 19.99
60 Lists: USD 34.99
Limitless: USD 49.99
Answered 132 months ago by klaus