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Font Settings

The following setting will affect the way Chinese words and the corresponding phonetic transcriptions are displayed on the pages of the website.
  • Please select fonts that are able to display all shown test characters correctly. Fonts that can not display a character will instead show the following symbol
  • In the lists below, fonts that can not display any of the test characters will not be included.
  • The settings shown consider you preferences for simplified/traditional and Pinyin/Zhuyin. If you did not selected to show some of them then they will be not included here.
  • Should you have fonts on your PC or Mac that are not displayed in the lists, then you can add them using the form at the end of this page.

Fonts for Chinese (Simplified)

Select the font to be used for (simplified) Chinese by tapping on the font.
  • 草冷我
  • 草冷我 (SimHei)
  • 草冷我 (SimSun)
  • 草冷我 (SimSun-ExtB)
  • 草冷我 (NSimSun)
  • 草冷我 (Microsoft YaHei)
  • 草冷我 (FangSong)
  • 草冷我 (KaiTi)
  • 草冷我 (FangSong_GB2312)
  • 草冷我 (KaiTi_GB2312)
  • 草冷我 (Song)
  • 草冷我 (Hiragino Sans GB)
  • 草冷我 (STHeiti Light)
  • 草冷我 (STHeiti)
  • 草冷我 (STKaiti)
  • 草冷我 (STSong)
  • 草冷我 (STFangsong)
  • 草冷我 (Hei)
  • 草冷我 (SimKai)
  • 草冷我 (droid)
  • 草冷我 (Droid Sans)
  • 草冷我 (STHeitiSC-Medium)
  • 草冷我 (HiraKakuProN)
  • 草冷我 (PingFangSC)
  • 草冷我 (Heiti SC)
  • 草冷我 (PingFang SC)

Fonts for Chinese (Traditional)

Please select which of the following fonts should be used for (traditional) Chinese by tapping on the font.
  • 冷雪草
  • 冷雪草 (DFKai-SB)
  • 冷雪草 (Microsoft JhengHei)
  • 冷雪草 (Microsoft JhengHei UI)
  • 冷雪草 (MingLiU)
  • 冷雪草 (PMingLiU)
  • 冷雪草 (MingLiU-ExtB)
  • 冷雪草 (PMingLiU-ExtB)
  • 冷雪草 (LiSong)
  • 冷雪草 (LiSung)
  • 冷雪草 (蘋果儷細宋)
  • 冷雪草 (儷宋 Pro)
  • 冷雪草 (新細明體)
  • 冷雪草 (AR PL UKai HK)
  • 冷雪草 (AR PL UKai CN)
  • 冷雪草 (AR PL ZenKai Uni)
  • 冷雪草 (AR PL KaitiM Big5)
  • 冷雪草 (KaiTi)
  • 冷雪草 (FangSong)
  • 冷雪草 (AR PL UMing)
  • 冷雪草 (AR PL UKai)
  • 冷雪草 (AR PL ShanHeiSun Uni)
  • 冷雪草 (nj chinese traditional)
  • 冷雪草 (mssong)
  • 冷雪草 (ms song)
  • 冷雪草 (DLCMingMedium)
  • 冷雪草 (DLCMingBold)
  • 冷雪草 (LiSong Pro Light)
  • 冷雪草 (LiSung Light)
  • 冷雪草 (LiGothic)
  • 冷雪草 (BiauKai)
  • 冷雪草 (BabelStone Han)
  • 冷雪草 (Ming)
  • 冷雪草 (MSung Std Acro)
  • 冷雪草 (TSC FMing S TT)
  • 冷雪草 (隶书)
  • 冷雪草 (Li Shu)
  • 冷雪草 (微软雅黑)
  • 冷雪草 (Microsoft Ya Hei)
  • 冷雪草 (Adobe Ming Std L)
  • 冷雪草 (AR PL New Sung)
  • 冷雪草 (droid)
  • 冷雪草 (Droid Sans)
  • 冷雪草 (STHeitiTC-Medium)
  • 冷雪草 (HiraKakuProN)
  • 冷雪草 (PingFangHK)
  • 冷雪草 (PingFangTC)
  • 冷雪草 (Heiti TC)
  • 冷雪草 (PingFang TC)

Fonts for Pinyin

You can select which of the following fonts should be used for displaying Pinyin phonetic notation for the transcription of spoken Chinese.
  • ǎǖǛ
  • ǎǖǛ (Arial)
  • ǎǖǛ (Helvetica)
  • ǎǖǛ (Arial Unicode MS)
  • ǎǖǛ (Caslon)
  • ǎǖǛ (DejaVu Sans)
  • ǎǖǛ (Microsoft Sans Serif)
  • ǎǖǛ (Roman Unicode)
  • ǎǖǛ (Tahoma)
  • ǎǖǛ (Verdana)
  • ǎǖǛ (Lucida Sans Unicode)
  • ǎǖǛ (Times New Roman)
  • ǎǖǛ (Courier New)
  • ǎǖǛ (ClearlyU)
  • ǎǖǛ (sans-serif)

Use more fonts already available to your browser

It is possible that on your device there are more fonts that could be used to diplay Chinese texts, Pinyin or Zhuiyin in your browser. You can add the font name below so that it is added to the options in the lists above.
    To see instaled fonts on Windows, go to the Control Panel, then Appearance and Themes and look for the Fonts Link to access the fonts folder. On Windows 10, you can also ask Cortana for 'Fonts'.
    On Mac you’ll get a list of installed fonts using the Font Book application. Use the Finder, click Applications and double-click on Font Book.