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v./n. explain; unbind; cut apart, dissect; divide, separate; dismiss; understand; solve a math problem; (Math.) solution
Other meanings
[jiè]   v. send under guard, escort
[xiè]   n./v. acrobatic (on horse); a surname; (spoken) get the point, see
'解' is part of the following simplified words:
 嶰 廨 懈 澥 獬 薢 蟹 邂
'解' is part of the following traditional words:
 嶰 廨 懈 澥 獬 薢 蟹 邂

Simplified Chinese


Traditional Chinese

Simplified stroke orders are based on the 'Standard of National Commonly-used Mandarin Chinese Characters (现代汉语通用字笔顺规范)', issued by the China National Language and Character Working Committee (国家语言文字工作委员会) on April 7th 1997. Traditional stroke orders are based on information issued by the Taiwan Ministry of Education.
jiě shì
v./n. to explain; explanation
lí jiě
v. understand, comprehend
jiě pōu
n./v. dissection; dissect, anatomy
jiě sàn
v. dissolve, disperse, dismiss
wá jiě
v. disintegrate, collapse, breakdown
zhèng jiě
n. correct answer
jiě kāi
phr. to untie, to undo, to unbutton, to unlace; to solve (a riddle)
tā huā le shí fēn zhōng cái bǎ xié dài jiě kāi
phr. It took him ten minutes to unlace his shoes.
dà huò bù jiě
phr. be not a little bewildered
jié kě
v. relieve one's thirst; quench one's thirst
wèi jiě
adj. unsolved
jiě fàng sī xiǎng
phr. free one's mind, emancipate one's mind
jiě ān quán dài
phr. unbuckle the seat belt
jié shǔ
v. (TCM) release summerheat
jiě líng hái xū jì líng rén
idiom. who tied the bell (on the tiger's neck) should be the one to untie it -- who started the trouble should end the trouble
jiě pìn
v. to dismiss an employee, to sack, to fire