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shuō fa
n. way of saying a thing; statement, version; explanation, conclusion
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Other meanings
[shuō fǎ]   v. to expound Buddhist doctrine

Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese

Simplified stroke orders are based on the 'Standard of National Commonly-used Mandarin Chinese Characters (现代汉语通用字笔顺规范)', issued by the China National Language and Character Working Committee (国家语言文字工作委员会) on April 7th 1997. Traditional stroke orders are based on information issued by the Taiwan Ministry of Education.
nǐ zhè zhǒng shuō fa shì zhàn bú zhù jiǎo de .
phr. What you've said doesn't hold water.
duì yú shàng shù de sān gè shuō fa,wó xiǎng tán yì tán wǒ de xiáng fǎ .
phr. In the three statements above, I want to express what I think.
wéi wǎn de shuō fa
phr. a euphemistic way of speaking
tǎo shuō fa
phr. seek explanation
zhè yì shuō fa shàng dài kǎo zhèng
phr. This statement still needs to be researched and proved.
gú lǎo de shuō fǎ
phr. ancient way of explaining things, ancient statement