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v. cover with; interlink, overlap; model sth on sth; harness (a draught animal); try to win (sb's friendship); trap sb into (telling sth); buy up illegally
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How is 套 used in a sentence? (tào)
1. 套上 (tào shàng) - to cover with; to put on (clothing)
Example: 她套上了一件厚厚的外套。(Tā tào shàng le yī jiàn hòu hòu de wài tào.) - She put on a thick coat.

2. 套近乎 (tào jìn hu) - to try to win someone's friendship; to get close to someone
Example: 他总是喜欢套近乎,想要得到老板的青睐。(Tā zǒng shì xǐ huan tào jìn hū, xiǎng yào dé dào lǎo bǎn de qīng lài.) - He always tries to win the boss's favor by getting close to him.
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