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phr. both...and...; ..., and also...
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This structure is used to indicate coexistence of two or more cases, properties or actions. After each 又, it is verbs and adjectives which serve as the predicates. Words or phrases joined by 又…又… are generally of the same type. For example:
E.g.1 又是闪电,又是打雷 [phr] there's lightning, and as well as thunder
E.g.2 她又聪明又漂亮。 [phr] She is smart and beautiful.
In E.g.1, both 闪电 and 打雷 are weather-related phenomena. In E.g.2, 聪明 and 漂亮 are both good qualities of a person.
又悲又喜 (both sad and happy) tragicomic
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