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bèi tào
n. bedding bag; cotton wadding for a quilt; quilt cover, quilt slip (same as 被罩)
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被套 is a traditional way of calling "quilt cover". Traditional Chinese quilts are made of cotton. A quilt is made up of three parts:
被面: quilt cover -- this is the piece of cloth that goes on the top of the cotton
被里: quilt lining -- this is the piece of cloth that goes under the cotton
In order to make it more convenient to clean and wash, people would sew 被里 and 被面 together to form a bag and this bag is called 被套. Nowadays, people rarely use cotton quilt. 被套 and 被罩 are synonyms meaning "quilt cover, quilt slip" and they are used interchangeably in this meaning.
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