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dāi zài
phr. to stay at/in
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呆在, 待在 and 留在:

1. 呆在 and 待在 are the same.

2. 留在 has two meanings:

Meaning 1. to stay in/at/on...: this is as opposed to "leave" the place. In this meaning, 留在 is pretty much the same as the other two, only slightly different.
E.g. 雨下得太大了,我们只好留在家里。 (phr) It was raining so heavily that we had to stay at home.
When we say the above, it implies the existence of another plan, a plan of going out.

Meaning 2. to We can introduce an object using preposition 把
E.g.妈妈去上班了,把我一个人留在了家里。(phr) Mom went to work, leaving me all by myself at home.
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