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av./adv. may, can; quite, so, very; (used for emphasis)
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In this post, we explore the similarities and differences of 可以 and 可.

可 [verb] can, may; need (doing), be worth (doing)
1. can, may
Example 1a.时间可化解一切仇恨。(can be replaced by 可以)
Example 1b.他们可参加这次活动。(can be replaced by 可以)
Example 1c.这次活动不太重要,你可去可不去。(can be replaced by 可以 but it might sound a bit redundant, so we add a comma and 也: “你可以去,也可以不去”)
Example 1d.可供效仿、由此可见 (cannot be replaced by 可以,because these are four-character fixed phrases)
2. need (doing)
Example 2a.没什么可担心的。 (cannot be replaced by 可以)
3. be worth (doing)
Example 3a.图书馆可借的书很多。(can be replaced by 可以)
Example 3b.可爱、可靠(these are words, so 可 cannot be replaced by 可以)

可以 [verb] be worth (doing); (indicating possibility, capability) can, may, be able; (permission) can, may
1. be worth (doing)
Example 1a.那个花园不太大,但是还可以去看看。 (cannot be replaced by 可)
2. (possibility or capability) can, may, be able
Example 2a.可以理解、可以断言、可以预见、可以这么说、可以讨论 (cannot be replaced by 可)
3. (permission) can, may
Example 3a.车里不可以抽烟 (can be replaced by 可, but 可以 sounds better here)
Example 3b.现在你可以走了、你不可以进去 (cannot be replaced by 可)
Example 3c. - 我可以走了吗? - 不可以。(when independently used to offer a negative answer to a question, we can only use 可以, so here 可以 cannot be replaced by 可)

The descriptions above bring us to this question: why can 可 be replaced by 可以 in most cases, but 可以 cannot be replaced by 可? As their meanings are the same, it has something to do with the number of syllables that follow the two verbs. Let's use the capitalized letter A to
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What are some common phrases that use 可 (kě)?
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