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zhōu dào
adj. attentive, considerate, thorough
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Are there any synonyms of 周到 (zhōu dào)?
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"周到" (zhōudào) versus "周密" (zhōumì):

周到 (zhōudào) means "thoughtful" or "considerate," indicating that the manner that someone does something is well-planned or well-prepared, taking into account all aspects or needs. It is commonly used to describe a person's actions, arrangements, or services that are attentive to details and considerate of others' needs or expectations. For example, "他的服务非常周到" (Tā de fúwù fēicháng zhōudào) - "His service is very thoughtful."

周密 (zhōumì) means "meticulous" or "careful," indicating that something is thorough and detailed in planning or execution, leaving no room for oversight or error. It is commonly used to describe plans, strategies, or arrangements that are carefully thought out and cover all possible contingencies. For example, "这个计划十分周密" (Zhège jìhuà shífēn zhōumì) - "This plan is very meticulous."
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