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xiǎo mài
n. wheat
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How is 小麦 (xiǎo mài) used in everyday conversation?
小麦 (xiǎo mài) is a commonly used word in everyday conversation in Chinese, as it refers to the staple grain of wheat.

Here are some examples of how 小麦 (xiǎo mài) can be used in everyday conversation:

1. 小麦是中国最重要的粮食作物之一。(Xiǎo mài shì zhōngguó zuì zhòngyào de liángshí zuòwù zhī yī.) - Wheat is one of the most important crops in China.

2. 这种面粉是用小麦做的。(Zhè zhǒng miànfěn shì yòng xiǎo mài zuò de.) - This flour is made from wheat.

3. 小麦价格最近涨了。(Xiǎo mài jiàgé zuìjìn zhǎng le.) - The price of wheat has gone up recently.
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