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zhī jiān
prep. between
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之间 refers to the area within the distance between two points. This is very abstract. The two points may be:
1. time: 今晚六点到九点之间我会给你发一封邮件。 [phr] In between six and nine o'clock tonight, I will send you an email
2. quantities: 我想把体重控制在五十到五十五公斤之间。 [phr] I want to control my weight and keep it somewhere between 50 and 55 kilograms.
3. places: 学校的餐厅位于图书馆和教学楼之间。 [phr] The school's cafeteria is located between the library and the teaching building.
4. related parties:
工作与生活之间的平衡 [phr] balance between work and life
中西方文化之间存在着巨大的差异。 [phr] There are significant differences between Chinese and western cultures.

In addition, 之间 can refer to a very short time, e.g. 转眼之间 [phr] in a wink, in an instant

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