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gàn huór
v. to do work (referring manual work, chores, etc.)
Discussion of 儿/
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工作 (gōngzuò) vs 干活儿 (gànhuór):

工作 (gōngzuò): This term is more formal and generally refers to one's job, occupation, or the act of working. It encompasses a broader spectrum of professional activities and can refer to a specific job or the concept of work in general.

干活儿 (gànhuór): This term is more colloquial and casual. It directly translates to "do work" or "do labor." It's commonly used in everyday conversation and typically refers to physical or manual work, chores, or tasks that require hands-on effort.
How is the word 干活儿 (gànhuór) typically used in a sentence?
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